Donate Funds or Services to Shelton Legal Fund

Due to the siege of wrongful attacks against me, grotesque and painful defamation of my character, and the illegal and unethical destruction of my career, I am now indigent with no funds, no income, no savings, no property (except for 10% interest in an 8 year old car) and no means of support except charity and now food stamps ( I have also applied for SSI due to disability).

I never made a lot of money as a physician because I DID NOT run a “store front” phoney clinic or limit office visits with Medicaid patients to five minutes. I provided quality care to all equally. I was the ONLY physician in Cook County providing home visits to children who were on ventilators or dying and severely ill. This cost me because the unethically low payments from Medicaid didn’t even cover overhead expenses. I lived pretty much paycheck to paycheck. I owe a huge amount of money because of the destruction of my career and the resulting inability to pay loans for education and starting and maintaining my practice.

My catastrophic health problems have added to my personal misery. I am now disabled. I have applied for food stamps, Medicaid, and supplemental social security and so far have been granted food stamps. I should qualify for the rest.

Family members have been assisting me and allowing me to live with them. There have been some other small donations from as far away as New Zealand. I can not be sure I can continue with my litigation without more assistance.

Please consider contributing to my legal fund to help pay for criminal defense expenses and for litigation defenses as I sue corrupt officials in civil rights actions that will benefit society. You can send a check to:

Update: Contact me as to the best way to help at

NONE of the donations are tax deductible at the moment. I hope to form a foundation where the donations can be deemed tax deductible and money can be raised to help other innocent people who are being attacked by corrupt politicians and police.

I am trying to raise $250,000 and I am trying to attract a celebrity or philanthropist to donate a million dollars or more to start a fund to pay for civil rights litigation for people who can’t afford it.

Anyone willing to donate will be greatly appreciated and if you have computer skills to manage a web site, or are an attorney willing to donate your services pro bono, I would be greatful either for one of my cases where I am litigating on my own (pro se) or for one of many people I have and continually run into who are unable to litigate to obtain redress of grievances or unable to defend themselves as whistle blowers due to lack of funds, against criminal charges.

One Response to “Donate Funds or Services to Shelton Legal Fund”

  1. elaine watkins Says:

    hello my name is kareema watkins and over 16years hamilton county juvenile court have robb me of my son by taken him away from me his father is a ex-police officer and he been abuse my son for along time he put him out his home on aug 1,2011 at 11:00pm i pick him up and because he had lie because he want money the judge taken my son and put him back in his care my son run away two times in his care and the judge that gave my son to him some years ago he did it again after he put my son out his house what should do now


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