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Raise support for Shelton, who is being attacked by corrupt Sheriff, judges, and Cook County & Illinois officials who want to shut her up for exposing corruption

June 23, 2015

If you like this web site and support Shelton’s dedication to those who are abused by Cook County Courts please help bring crowds of people to support her against her unlawful arrest and the County’s malicious prosecution against her!

The Cook County Sheriff and States Attorney are continuing attacks and unlawful arrests against me (Dr. Linda Shelton) in order to shut me up, stop me from further exposing corruption among Cook County judges, police, and politicians, as well as in order to shut down my web sites exposing this corruption here, herehere, here, & here.

They have charged me with felony aggravated battery to an officer for, in a courtroom, allegedly “touching an officer’s ear” with no injury.

This brings a sentence of 3-14 years in prison if convicted. Yet, the State through the court disability coordinator knew before the court date that I have multiple physical disabilities and use a walker (including balance issues so when I’m push I reach out and grab with my hands to try and steady myself) as well as that I have post-traumatic-stress disorder due to being beaten by police. I gave her a letter from my psychiatrist who treated me with PTSD that states that I “misperceive ongoing events” if the PTSD flashbacks are triggered, that I cower and try to protect myself with my arms waving around my head! The courtroom sheriff staff purposely grabbed and pushed me inducing a flashback, then failed to “stand back” and give me time to “recover my mental equilibrium” and become aware of where I was, as recommended by my physician in this letter. The sheriff staff and judge knew this before court – purposely triggered a flashback and therefore knew I could not have conscious intent to “harm” and officer or make”insulting or provoking contact”. As this alleged crime would be a misdemeanor, since the “victim” was an officer, the SA raised the charge to a felony!!!

This was a violation of federal law as the court was REQUIRED to accommodate my disabilities as I requested and listen to my doctor’s letter.


Come to court and stand in gallery to show support for Dr. Linda Shelton who writes this blog and several other blogs exposing Cook County Court, Sheriff and police misconduct and crimes including: and  Shelton needs a large grass roots effort to protect her so these web sites are not shut down. Show support for her fight against false arrest, excessive force, excessive sentencing, lack of rehabilitation, lack of restorative justice, illegal bond retention statute, unconstitutional battery statute, illegal procedures in divorce and probate court, wrongful theft of estates from elderly by court-appointed guardians.

Next hearing on case 12 CR 22504 is Sept. 30, room 506 at 10 am then instanter when motion for substitution of judge denied to room 506 2600 S California, Chicago, IL

We must stand together against the Cook County INJUSTICE SYTEM!!

Now they are trying to shut me up by charging me with felony battery for “touching an officer’s ear” during a PTSD flashback the officers triggered using information they received from the court disability coordinator – where I requested disability accommodations including not doing things that trigger flashbacks and backing-off if a flashback occurred until it passed as recommended by psychiatrist Dr. Robert Galatzer-Levy. The Cook County Courts pervasively refuse to accommodate litigants’ disabilities and use their disabilities against them.

Possible sentence up to 14 years is outrageous, disproportionate and unconstitutional. I also have motions challenging the bond retention statute as unconstitutional and the battery statute as unconstitutional. Come to court and stand in gallery – help me fill gallery – or the judge will blatantly violate the constitution and laws if there are few witnesses.

Help me get press coverage!! Help me please as much as possible get this covered.

Next hearing on case 12 CR 22504 is Sept 30, room 506 10 am 2600 S California, Chicago, IL

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