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Suicide when there is great suffering

March 24, 2010

This is a difficult topic that very few want to talk about. We relieve suffering at the end of life more with our pets than with our family and friends. Hospice care in the U.S. to relieve severe pain and suffering at the end of life is often not available. It is inhumane and torture to not provide relief to those at the end of life who are suffering.

I think the majority of people believe that at the end of life when the pain is unbearable, the suffering is great, and there is no hope, it is OK to commit suicide or to have a doctor prescribe a lethal dose of medicine to hasten death taken by the person or administered by a doctor (euthanasia).

Unfortunately only the laws in Oregon, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Belgium allow one or both of these options under strictly controlled conditions. Eventually as there are not enough young people to take care of the elderly, suffering, and dying elderly (baby boomers – etc) the laws will be changed and we will all have this option.

Right now only citizens of Oregon can ask for physician assisted suicide and only Switzerland allows foreigners to obtain physician assisted suicide, but only in Switzerland. Nevertheless, there are many who obtain assisted suicide around the world daily, as well as many who resort to painful, uncertain, and messy means of ending their lives.

I have started to look into such means as I know in the future (near or far) my sufferings and misery will be more than I can bear. I just want to make those who want to choose this path aware that you can obtain information about this topic from several thankfully available web sites including:

Dignitas (Swiss organization) –

Exit International –

Assisted Suicide Organization –

I want to publicly thank these organizations and their founders for the work they are doing to stop suffering and make our exit from this world peaceful and certain.

Note: This statement in no way is meant to encourage others to commit suicide. It is for informational purposes only so that the public is fully aware of the need to change laws to permit assisted suicide and euthanasia as a means to reduce suffering in the end of life.

For anyone seeking suicide as an answer to other than end of life reducing suffering,  please go to your nearest hospital or psychiatric center and ask for help. There often is help when everything seems hopeless. Call the National Suicide hotline and seek help: 1-800-SUICIDE

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