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4 Responses to “Attorneys I recommend in Chicago area”

  1. constance haliburton Says:

    Tim Evans is a carpetbagger charlatan, southern Negro transplanted to Chicago to dehouse blacks in North Kenwood. I know because he is responsible for hiding public records that attest to his involvement in the demolition of our home. As a quid pro quo, he was hand-picked to become cook county judge. Off with his head . . we want it on a platter.
    How can we help?


  2. Linda Shelton Says:

    Spent another 6 mo in jail wrongfully convicted of filing a next-friend habeas petition on behalf of a person jailed without probable cause. When I told Judge McHale that it was illegal to say that a non-attorney cannot file a next-friend habeas petition he summarily sentenced me to 16 mo in jail for contempt. You can read about it on my Cook County Judges web site.

    To help, publicize, spread the word, write on the Internet (facebook, twitter, etc), write letters to FBI and US Attorney and the press. Ask the press why they aren’t covering these stories especially ask Andy Shaw and the Better Government Association. Ask Chuck Goudie why he hasn’t followed up the Melongo story and SALF. Send links to my blogs around the country.


  3. ELois Poole-Clayton Says:

    I have asked the question of WHY, is it that many stories are EXPOSED about other facilities(not that I have a problem with it, for I AM SUPPORTIVE of their causes), but not enough, is said about the ABUSES, CORRUPTION, FALSE WRITTEN REPORTS and CORRUPTED ADMINISTRATORS, at CHESTER MENTAL HEALTH CENTER, in CHESTER, ILLINOIS?
    I am in DYER need, of counsel, to HELP my lovedone, who’s been ABUSED(even sexually) under IDOC AND since he’s been a patient(nervous breakdown from being raped, NOT schizophrenic) at Chester Mental Health Center?
    I DROVE to that facility on 02-17-2010, to discuss(with the admins.,) the ABUSES against him AND the constant FALSE reports, being charted in his charts, on a regular basis.
    I learned that the Head Admin(Pat Kelley-Mosbacher(now), for the employees uses part of their names OR a false name altogether), has assisted the Head Nurse, in LIEING about there NOT being an ANTIDOTE, for the PSYCHOTROPIC DRUGS, that my brother is STILL being FORCED to take.
    I’ve been reassured, that these false reports, are called, “incidences”, which were made clear to I, by another (x) patient, named (rodney
    He mentioned my brother in HIS story of ABUSES and violations of his HUMAN/Civil rights, before he was released in January of 2005.
    Everything he said, is IDENTICLE, to what my brother is STILL experiencing there.
    Directory Stephen Hardey, is the one, who caused him to be RAILROADED to CMHC.
    My brother, was trying to stop a group of THUGS, from forcing a gilr inside a car, when he was threatened and retrieved inside to get protection.
    He, for too long, felt he had to go along, in order to be left alone, because of a retaliation(he’s NOT a gangbanger), by a (now) CORRUPT COP;at the time, even then, appeared to be a gangbanger.
    That person’s name is Brenda Jones and her accomplice is the KNOWN family of Harrisses, at 639 N. Lockwood, who are also KNOWN PEDOPHILES, who STALK children(Rufus Meyer), and adults as well.
    This avenue of events, will CONNECT the DOTS, to my brothers troubles, that started at (13) years of age, simply trying to return home from school, (as many children do stll today) and are BULLIED!
    I have been THREATENED, by one GUARDS in particular(Chris Robinson?Roberts) at CMHC, who has threatened to have his “wife’s sister beat your sister ELois up, the next time she visits”.
    We have another sister, who was JAILED for (30) DAYS, because we WON’T be intimidated by the GUARDS.
    Still TODAY(04-07-2011), he’s on”red level”, because he cursed a guard out, for pushing a chair on his leg.
    Robinson has ALSO threatened to have him transferred to UNIT B3, where another patient was beaten with a chair.
    He was told that the patient died.
    We are WELL aware, that many individuals DEATHS, are COVERED, from beatings by guards.
    PLEASE SEND HELP, is the same message Mr. Yoder sent, before he was released and we’re sending the SAME message.
    Lisa Madigan was the I.A.G., also, when Mr. Yoder, was seeking justice and she is who I’m suing (as we speak).
    PLEASE pass this information on ALL over the world and HELP us receive justice.
    I can be contacted at (773)622-2906, at ANY TIME.
    Thank you.


  4. ELois Poole-Clayton Says:

    03.27.2015: My brother’s case, was transferred (illegally by a corrupt attorney;private PD for the state of Illinois, Lawrence ‘Larry’ C. Redmond Jr.).
    Redmond has had David’s documents(that Redmond himself calls “some good stuff”(meaning our PROOFS of ABUSES on David, including documented medical records of David being treated for rape), for OVER 3 years now.
    On 02.18.2015, Redmond ABANDONED David’s case(stating that “you all have to find David another attorney”).
    This came AFTER he NEGLECTED to stop IAG Madigan from transferring his case to Southern Illinois.
    NOTE: His words to I were, “the ONLY way that the state can transfer David’s case to southern Illinois is that NONE of the defendants carries a NORTHERN Illinois address”.
    NOTE: At the time that Redmond filed a MOTION for David to be brought TO Chicago(for the duration of his Civil trial against Chester), ONE of the defendants(DHS secrtary Michelle Saddler), DID carry a NORTHERN Illinois address;a 901 SOMETHING address in Evanston, Illinois(which IS Northern Illinois), yet Redmond allowed this shananigan to persue;WHY?, because we have learned that he IS a private PD for the state of Illinois.
    Redmond has had his license REVOKED, fined 1K by a judge AND labelled as INCOMPETENT by this judge (because he INTENTIONALLY misfiled/handled ANOTHER litigants case.
    Redmond’s license showed be taken away (for life), for he seems to be up to his SAME tactics (for the purpose of having license to be declaired valid so that he can keep “practicin” law!
    NOTE: Our David, has been coerced by “treatment” team members(including being told by one of the guards who rape him(to hide that he is one o the guards who raped our David), to say that he commited this hanus crime against a nurse in Elgin.
    This nurse has ALREADY stated that “David is NOT the oen who did that to me”.
    NOTE: The police report, was also FALSIFIED in that manner and this LIE(and many more), has been used/placed in David’s CHARTS, to justify delaying his CONFIRMED Transfer OUT of Chester.
    NOTE: Now(this 06.2015), David is being told that he is (once again), “on the LIST to be transfered OUT of Chester, but we don’t know when because of a question of that incident that happen at Elgin”.
    This is LUDICRIS!
    David’s transfer was confirmed on 04.02.2012, when I and another sister met Face-To-Face with DHS Chester “employees overseer”(Dr. Debra Ferguson’s OWN words to us during our meeting with her);her saying to us, “I have some good news that perhaps you all haven’t heard yet”. “I’ve seen David for MYSELF and he is doing quite well”. “David is on the LIST with 6 others to be transferred to Elgin and I will make sure NOTHING goes wrong with his transfer OUT of Chester”;also confirmed on 04.02.2012, by Mr. FARRIS of the forensic department at Elgin;even stating to I that he would mail I bus cards to get to Elgin(but I never saw any).
    ATTN: David is being LIED on, being held back AND is and has been denied DUE PROCESS(because of Chester’s need to COVER UP the rapes and other assaults that has happen to him.
    NOTE: I have many documents;medical records, patient COMPLAINTS and letters from the “admins.” there, to show that there STILL IS a COVERUP of these ABUSES on our David(from the time he became a aptient there, up until this 2015)!
    I can be contaced (by an interested/caring attorney), at my NEW phone number: (773)826-2591.
    NOTE: As recent as 06.05.2015, Joe Harper, made a statement that “David has already been charged with that crime”(leaving others to believe that it should be upheld, (even after the police report was falsifed AND the nurse stated that “David was NOT the one who did that to me”.
    NOTE: Harper also was included in a LIE that was told on I(by he, “Dr.” MV Reddy AND the secretary in the admins. office(Lisa), that I was “personally recording my calls with them”;ALL knowing that ALL calls are recorded(even their personally calls to their phone companies or otherwise)!
    That false blame(directed on I), was their tactic to prevent I from speaking with the Head Admin.(Brian Thomas(whom I ATTN: several letters to him which included COMPAINTS of ASSAULTS on my brother David(on his behalf).
    PLEASE HELP US(before David wounds up buried in the cemetery located about 5 minutes SOUTH of Chester’s facility, where 24 other patients are buried who died from those psychotropic drugs adminsitered to them while they were patients at Chester MHC.
    Mrs. E. P. Clayton
    (sis. of David P.)


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