The point of this blog is to have a place to publicly express my opinions, give a little reflection, let others educate me, and let others have at me in civil debate.

I tend to be verbose and I will try to write shorter postings. Many of my postings will be long and meaty.

My interest is primarily people and their opinions, politics, civil rights, medicine, law, self-representation, and most of all right now tearing down corruption in government in Illinois and C[r]ook County. Please read my other blogs, Illinois Corruption and Pro Se Chicago which you can access with links on this site.

I am a pediatrician and mental health service provider (presently unlicensed), former medical and biological sciences research scientist (molecular biology, immunology, and experimental pathology with minor experience in forensic pathology), internet writer, civil rights activist, and ex-con wrongfully incarcerated for the false allegation of kicking an officer with my partially paralyzed leg in retaliation for my whistle blower activities against corrupt officials, police, and courts in Illinois and Cook County.

In fact, it is physically impossible for me to have committed the crime. I am a disabled individual with a partial right hemiparesis, and was extremely weak at the time from severe dehydration. Cook County Correctional Officer – Sgt. Anthony Salemi attacked me and then falsified his records and committed perjury at trial.

I have experienced a lot beginning with discovering in my research greater use for autoantibodies that inspired a group of researchers who went on to use this concept in scientific research in the area of molecular biology. I managed and stabilized the “lightest set of [surviving] triplets” in the world (a total of 4 lb 4 oz combined) according to the Guiness Book of World Records 1997 ed. I have saved lives, counseled troubled teens and families of those with senile dementia, ministered to the dying, comforted the survivors, risked my life to save several women and their children in a hurricane [I was very frightened], and survived unspeakable torture and medical neglect in Cook County Jail and the Illinois Department of Corrections. My son and others (an officer and a politician/ex-Marine) have saved my life during asthma attacks and I have been suffocated and gone unconscious more than once thinking I would die. I have witnessed great compassion and sacrifice as well as witnessed and experienced unspeakable brutality (I have been visciously beaten by officers more than once).

My conviction is on appeal. You can read the details of what happened and the trial at my page titled “Conviction and Sentencing of Dr. Shelton”  on this blog.

I have been illegally thrown off a hospital staff (Advocate Christ Hospital and Medical Center, a subsidiary of Advocate Healthcare Corporation), wrongfully defamed, and my medical career destroyed by this and a siege of wrongful criminal allegations against me in retaliation for my whistle blower activities against corrupt officials in Cook County and Illinois including former Gov. and now convict George Ryan, Illinois Attorney General (rumored money lauderer for bribes in Illinois and partner to illegal scheme to deny mental health care to persons on Medicaid in Illinois), Cook County (soon to be former) States Attorney Richard Divine (chief of cover-up of criminal conduct of Cook Count politicians and former passive participant with Burge in torture of prisoners to make them confess to murder), as well as several other corrupt persons.

I have drawn the line in the sand, spoken up and suffered the consequences. I believe in going down standing up and I pledge to keep up the fight as long as I can draw a breath. Our children are too important to let this totalitarian police state continue on this path. I know in large movements like in the civil rights movements the early going is slow and there are casualties at the beginning. I am willing to pay the price for the benefit of our children, yours and mine. I ask others to help.

Please consider contributing to my legal fund to help pay for criminal defense expenses and for litigation expenses as I sue corrupt officials in civil rights actions that will benefit society. You can send a check made out to “Albukerk & Associates”:

Make check out to “Albukerk & Associates” and write: “for Shelton Legal Fund” – this is NOT tax deductible

C/O Albukerk and Associates, 1450 W. Randolph, Chicago IL 60607          .

I am trying to raise $250,000 and I am trying to attract a celebrity or philanthropist to donate a million dollars to start a fund to pay for civil rights litigation for people who can’t afford it.

Anyone willing to donate will be greatly appreciated and if you have computer skills to manage a web site, or are an attorney willing to donate your services pro bono, I would be greatful either for one of my cases where I am litigating on my own (pro se) or for one of many people I have and continually run into who are unable to litigate to obtain redress of grievances or unable to defend themselves as whistle blowers due to lack of funds, against criminal charges.

I have championed the causes of civil rights for the physically and mentally challenged, parents, and prisoners. I want to build a movement for change to make the system transparent and accountable and to expose this corruption. You will find on my other blog, “Illinois Corruption,” unusual honesty and brutal bluntness. The same principle applies to all my blogs.

I have nothing to hide and nothing to be ashamed about. My disabilites, my suffering from post-traumatic-stress disorder, my political views at odds with many, my medical records are public record and it is unethical and simply wrong to use this information for discrimination and defamation against me. I represent those that have been unfairly discriminated against in this manner. I have devoted my life to the service of others. Corrupt officials have a lot to hide. I believe in total transparency. It takes  one word to defame someone as people so easily believe false statements, but it tkes a lifetime to reverse the defamation that leads to a civil death.

5 Responses to “About”

  1. Linda Shelton Says:

    To the person who requested the name of an attorney to help with adverse hospital medical privilege decisions: Unfortunately, I cannot recommend anyone. I represent myself in most court cases. Any attorney is going to cost an arm and a leg and often try to get you to plea bargain in a way you don’t want to do.


  2. Don Chapman Says:

    Are you the Dr. who recently got her Canadian citizenship? If so, please contact me. I’m the person behind Bill C-37.


  3. Linda Shelton Says:

    Yes, I am a “lost” Canadian who benefited from Bill C-37. My mother Lillian was born in Regina, Saskatchewan in 1930 and became an American Citizen in 1954. I’m glad my dual citizenship is now recognized. I now have my Canadian citizenship papers. Her pioneer spirit; her devotion to what is right; her religious faith as a Hungarian Canadian whose parents fled the opression of descrimination against Baptists are within me.

    I owe her a lot. I am also the grandaughter of the Rev. William Tatter who had a church in Kipling, Saskatchewan (Hungarian Baptist) between 1924 and 1939. I know he helped a lot of people during the depression years. Then they went to New York where Rev. Tatter was asked to be director of Ellis Island, but declined and instead came to Chicago and settled here.

    Thank you for Bill C-37. I wish my mother was still alive to see this. She was a loyal Canadian and I speak some words like “about” more like a Canadian than an American due to her influence. I know her spirit is happy.

    I wish the Canadian government would intervene on my behalf and ask the U.S. Attorney General to investigate my complaints and the evidence I have against corrupt officials and police. I want both of my countries to be righteous and respect civil rights. I am truly a dual citizen and a global thinker. Entrenched corruption in Chicago is holding us back and destroying the fabric of society. It reminds me of the decline and fall of the Roman empire.


  4. frank Says:

    I know how crooked chicago is,I have millions of dollars of damages because of police misconduct but I cant find a civil rights lawyer for over year and half, they got me fired at my job and I was harrassed for over year and half because of them. Im finding out that the crooked cops control the lawyers and the news. Im filing a pro se lawsuit see if i get a a court appointed lawyer.


  5. Rick Beckham Says:

    My Dear Dr. Shelton,
    Your Memorandum on jurisdiction and void judgments is excellent. I have quoted some of the case law you cited in some of my briefs. My God bless the pro se litigant. Your Paper Warrior, Rick


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