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Similarities between Trumpism & McCarthyism

April 25, 2016

edward r murrow

Edward R Murrow

Joseph McCarth

Sen. Joseph McCarthy


donald trump

Donald Trump


In the  1950s Sen. McCarthy’s Committee on Unamerican Activities goal was to expose and destroy communist activities in the U.S. [the RED SCARE]. Communism was feared in the way right wing Republican party members now fear “Islamic terrorism” and conflate it with the Islamic religion.

I ask how Trumpism is different from McCarthyism?

McCarthyism [the following four paragraphs are from Wikipedia’s post on McCarthyism] is the practice of making accusations of subversion or treason without proper regard for evidence. It also means “the practice of making unfair allegations or using unfair investigative techniques, especially in order to restrict dissent or political criticism.”[1] The term has its origins in the period in the United States known as the Second Red Scare, lasting roughly from 1950 to 1956 and characterized by heightenedpolitical repression against communists, as well as a campaign spreading fear of their influence on American institutions and of espionage bySoviet agents. Originally coined to criticize the anti-communist pursuits of Republican U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin, “McCarthyism” soon took on a broader meaning, describing the excesses of similar efforts. The term is also now used more generally to describe reckless, unsubstantiated accusations, as well as demagogic attacks on the character or patriotism of political adversaries.

During the McCarthy era, thousands of Americans were accused of being communists or communist sympathizers and became the subject of aggressive investigations and questioning before government or private-industry panels, committees and agencies. The primary targets of such suspicions were government employees, those in the entertainment industry, educators and union activists. Suspicions were often given credence despite inconclusive or questionable evidence, and the level of threat posed by a person’s real or supposed leftist associations or beliefs was often greatly exaggerated. Many people suffered loss of employment and/or destruction of their careers; some even suffered imprisonment. Most of these punishments came about through trial verdicts later overturned,[2] laws that were later declared unconstitutional,[3]dismissals for reasons later declared illegal[4] or actionable,[5] or extra-legal procedures that would come into general disrepute.

The most notable examples of McCarthyism include the speeches, investigations, and hearings of Senator McCarthy himself; the Hollywood blacklist, associated with hearings conducted by the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC); and the various anti-communist activities of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) under Director J. Edgar Hoover. McCarthyism was a widespread social and cultural phenomenon that affected all levels of society and was the source of a great deal of debate and conflict in the United States. [ Many in Hollywood went underground and were forced to use pseudonyms to get their plays staged and their movies filmed and produced – due to defamation of their character as the dreaded communist, perhaps for something as minor as being a member of a communist club in college]

There were also more subtle forces encouraging the rise of McCarthyism. It had long been a practice of more conservative politicians to refer to progressive reforms such as child labor laws and women’s suffrage as “Communist” or “Red plots.”[7] This tendency increased in the 1930s in reaction to the New Deal policies of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Many conservatives equated the New Deal with socialism or Communism, and saw its policies as evidence that the government had been heavily influenced by Communist policy-makers in the Roosevelt administration.[8] In general, the vaguely defined danger of “Communist influence” was a more common theme in the rhetoric of anti-Communist politicians than was espionage or any other specific activity.

No doubt that McCarthy would have considered social security, Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare, voting rights, and many other social programs as communists plots.

The great CBS reporter and commentator, Edward R. Murrowbroke the back of McCarthy’s era of terror and injustice with the following public statement that I believe applies today to Trumpism in his witch hunt against Muslims and immigrants as well as it applied to McCarthyism’s witch hunting communism, acknowledging the role of media in perpetrating this dark part of our collective history in America:

by Edward R. Murrow, modified by Linda Lorincz Shelton for today’s Trumpism – 

Earlier, the Senator [McCarthy] asked, “Upon what meat does this, our Caesar, feed?” Had he looked three lines earlier in Shakespeare’s Caesar, he would have found this line, which is not altogether inappropriate: “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves.”

No one familiar with the history of this country can deny that congressional committees are useful.

It is necessary to investigate before legislating, but the line between investigating and persecuting is a very fine one and the junior Senator from Wisconsin [Trump and the Benghazi Committee] ha[ve] stepped over it repeatedly.

His primary achievement has been in confusing the public mind, as between the internal and the external threats of Communism [terrorism].

We must not confuse dissent with disloyalty.

We must remember always that accusation is not proof and that conviction depends upon evidence and due process of law.

We will not walk in fear, one of another.

We will not be driven by fear into an age of unreason, if we dig deep in our history and our doctrine, and remember that we are not descended from fearful men — not from men who feared to write, to speak, to associate and to defend causes that were, for the moment, unpopular.

This is no time for men who oppose Senator McCarthy’s  [Trump’s] methods to keep silent, or for those who approve.

We can deny our heritage and our history, but we cannot escape responsibility for the result.

There is no way for a citizen of a republic to abdicate his responsibilities.

As a nation we have come into our full inheritance at a tender age.

We proclaim ourselves, as indeed we are, the defenders of freedom, wherever it continues to exist in the world, but we cannot defend freedom abroad by deserting it at home. [We cannot desert religious freedom, the 1st Amendment by condemning all Muslims as terrorists no more than we can condemn Southern White Protestants as KKK lynchers and murderers.]

The actions [speeches] of the junior Senator from Wisconsin [Trump] have caused alarm and dismay amongst our allies abroad, and given considerable comfort to our enemies. [They’re even being used by Al Quida for recruitment videos –  to show how much the infidels hate Muslims.]

And whose fault is that? Not really his. [Trump] didn’t create this situation of fear; he merely exploited it — and rather successfully. Cassius was right. “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves.

Good night, and good luck.

[and don’t forget how the media (mainstream and social) have exploited fear and disseminated mis-information about Islam, Muslims, terrorism, and foreign relations.]
[extracts from – transcribed 7/20/06 by G. Handman from DVD, The McCarthy Years(Edward R. Murrow Collection)]

Trump – BIG threat, entertaining, but VERY DANGEROUS!

August 8, 2015

UPDATE  – NOTE TITLE REWORKED- Trump won election because the media did not ignore him or call him out concerning his criminal sexual abuse and voyeurism, as well as fraud concerning Trump U and fraud upon his contractors which he refused to pay, as well as fraud using illegal foreign workers who had no recourse when they weren’t paid. Instead he condoned and worked with Russian agents to  brainwash the public into believing phony scandals and defamation of Hillary Clinton’s character. Now he is being played by oil executives, Goldman Sachs executives, 1%ers who own private schools and have been responsible for bubbles leading to loss of middle-class homes and wealth transferring it to the 1%. He is transforming the presidency and is cabinet into a war department run by rogue Marines who lost their jobs due to inappropriate behavior, misogynists who cheated on their wives, and rich with no understanding or real concern for middle-class who baited voters saying they will bring back coal jobs – though that would be like bringing back the horse and buggy and banning cars. Clean energy jobs are now advancing rapidly as solar panels have become cheap and wind and water  power, as well as thermal energy have become more widespread. China is rapidly outpacing us in clean energy technology. Obama has already passed the baton of world leadership to the German Chancellor and China is taking over leadership in Asia, while France and Saudi Arabia as well as Iran will have increased influence. American leadership of the world ceases if Trump takes office as no one can trust him and he is controlled by the 1% and Russia. It appears that if the Senators approve the nominees for cabinets and the electoral college votes for Trump then they both will have made an act of treason in aiding and condoning the takeover of the U.S. election by Russian hackers. The 1% will drive up the stock market with bubbles and temporary infrastructure jobs that will last 2-5 years, destroy the healthcare industry – leading both to be bubbles that will bust and cause a deep recession in 2-5 years. The steel and coal jobs lost will not come back and the Trump voters will be fleeced. Not a pretty picture!

Trump is not a statesman. He is a comic, a clown, a narcissist, a bully, crude, a user of others for his own gain – which makes him a great member of the 1%, and is unelectable. He is all bluster and no substance. He says he will build a wall with Mexico and make Mexico pay for it. Really!  Give us the details Donald!  How are you going to pay for it in detail. So what if you built buildings and get investors to pay for them. Buildings are investments where investors can make a profit. A wall is not an investment. Who would lend him the $21 billion to build it? Name one major issue where he has given a detailed plan of exactly how he will raise the money, who he will deal with, how he will raise concensus, etc.  You won’t be able to. Look at his web site – no details!  Look at his supporters – the KKK and other white supremacists. Like Jindal says he hasn’t read the Bible, because he’s not in it.


Foreign policy – give me a break – he can’t even name the leaders of the factions in charge of the major terrorist groups in the Middle East! Seriously! He may be able to get investors together if it amounts to making money, but government’s purpose is not to make money. Yes it must raise taxes, help the private sector have the environment to raise money, but it does not raise money.  He might be a good adviser to a private set of advisers hired to invest the money from the Social Security trust fund so that it grows like Canada’s system which is growing and in no danger of running out of money, but investing and diplomacy are apples and oranges.  Negotiating an investment is a far cry from preventing a war.

He tries to make everything black and white, which is fine for an oligarch who runs a business and fires people. It is totally inappropriate and counterproductive if you are the leader of a free nation, where the Constitution says “we the people”, as there would only be Trump, not people if he becomes an elected official. Anyone who votes for him is a fool.

If he makes a third party – so what! Despite the media who says a third party will make the GOP lose automatically – I do not think so. He will crash and burn as he has no substance in terms of details that make sense concerning foreign policy, domestic policy, jobs, the 99% including increasing the middle class, etc. I would love to see him as a debater between Clinton and either Rubio or Kasich or Bush. The other two will crush him in a real debate. You simply can’t make so many gaffs and claims you cannot support, as well as insult and denigrate so many groups of people, and then be taken seriously enough to act as a true elected leader.

The best thing for the GOP would be if the they as a party and the networks exclude him from debates due to inappropriate language and behavior and if the press starts to ignore him, which probably won’t happen. He feeds on publicity.

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