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Rep. Eric Cantor lacks moral compass – time to replace him

May 26, 2011

Americans have ALWAYS come to the defense and support of those harmed by natural disasters immediately and without hesitation.  Yet House Majority Leader Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) stated that disaster aid to Joplin, Missouri, which recently suffered a catastrophic hit from a tornado, should be withheld until spending cuts were assured! 

Joplin, Missouri has suffered 122 confirmed deaths and nearly 1500 still missing (although many may just be staying elsewhere and not have checked in yet). The average income is about $30,000 in Joplin and about 15 % of the population lives below the poverty line.

Any Congressional leader who has the gall to state that disaster relief, especially to a town which is NOT known for its wealth, should be tied to any  spending cuts, or fo that matter – any thoughts that we should hesitate providing disaster relief for any reason or even have a reason to think in this manner, to me, indicates the person (here Cantor) has no moral compass.  This disaster aid should not even be a matter of debate.

Eric Cantor is an embarassment to the Congress and to the people he represents.  He clearly has not moral compass.

He was only appeased when the Congress agreed to offset this disaster spending with $ 1.3 billion in cuts from the Energy Department loan program for the production of fuel-efficient vehicles.

Apparently, Cantor believes that we should subsidize Big Oil companies, the most profitable business in the history of the world, but cut research into developing fuel efficient autos that would save the taxpayers huge amounts of money, decrease pollution, and make jobs with new technologies.


Cantor clearly has no regard for the average man, his anguish and pain during a terribly tragedy and time of need, and only cares about money – money to increase the profits for big oil by NOT increasing fuel efficiency; money for the rich and who gives a D*** about the poor or average worker who we should expect to pay high gas prices for in energy inefficient cars with low gas miles, so that the rich Oil Barons get richer!

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