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Lets End Politics of Fears, Smears, and Defamation – That’s for the Third World!

November 16, 2008

This is my comment in response to a post about President-Elect Obama and William Ayers on “Illinois Review” an ultraconservative Illinois blog written by honorable people, who have a very rigid philosophy. They made a mistake in their article stating that Ayers was a Professor at the University of Chicago, where Obama once taught. The article suggests that Obama should be faulted for promoting ideas of radical activists against the Vietnam war (domestic terrorism) that were those of Ayers 40 years ago.

First William Ayers is NOT a professor at the University of Chicago. He is a professor at the University of Illinois.

Second, I do agree with Ayers that guilt by association and false assumption about why Obama and Ayers met or what they said to each other is despicable.

For example, I met Fred Hampton Jr. at a lecture involving law professors and an important area of law. This does not mean I am a Black Panther supporter! To say that about me would be PURE and UNETHICAL defamation of character.

The statement that Obama “pals around with terrorists” is no different – PURE and UNETHICAL defamation of character of Obama. It has nothing to do with the despicable acts done by Ayers in the past.

Third, I personally will vote against ANY candidate in the future who continues to use such unethical tactics in his/her campaign.

There is a reason the Republic Party is on a severe decline. This is one of them. The Republican Party was severely hurt by their unethical tactics using Ayers in this fraudulent manner. That is why we need new leadership in the Republican party. Politics of fear, smears, and defamation must be buried. That is part of the American dream.

In response to my comment the editor of “Illinois Review” wrote what I believe to be an inappropriate comment falsely suggesting I (and Obama) support domestic terrorism. Clearly I said no such thing and the editor is trying to put words in my mouth. This kind of remark will not help rebuild the Illinois Republican Party:

What’s it like to defend a domestic terrorist? The message you’re trying to get us to swallow is that it really wasn’t that bad to firebomb police, judges, and the Pentagon. You’re trying to tell us that it was excusable to attack public servants because he didn’t like what they were doing?

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