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Doctor’s Pay and HMOs – How to Fix HealthCare System

January 6, 2009

I do not believe that my colleagues who make 1 million dollars per year for doing open heart surgery deserve that amount of salary off of people’s misery. I do believe many are vastly overpaid – especially hospital administrators for “not-for-profit” hospitals that make $600,000+ per year. I believe physicians should be salaried like police or firemen. Then the incentive to see more than a hunded patients a day and move them through the “mill” will be gone and doctors will spend the time with you that they need to spend.

A VA like system could still use the existing health care networks.

An HMO style system where doctors are paid monthly per patient no matter how many times the patient sees them is very bad as the incentive is to have as large a panel of patients as possible to increase income and then to see the patients as little as possible, order as few tests as possible, and shortchange the patient by moving them through the office like a factory or mill.

The payment to the doctors should be totally disconnected form the Number of patients they see or the Type of illness they treat. Doctors who perform procedures like orthopedic and heart surgeons should not be payed obscenely more than doctors who talk to patients and counsel patients like psychiatrists and pediatricians. Talking and counseling therapy is as valuable and as difficult to learn as surgery.

We don’t need to add more dollars to medical care. We need to cut waste! Pharmaceutical companies spend half their money on advertising. Stop advertising and the cost of drugs will vastly decrease. Half of our health care dollars are spent on end-of-life futile treatments. We need to have clearer guidelines in this area. Instead of spending small amounts on preventive care, our citizens don’t get the care they need to prevent more expensive needed medical care. There are a LOT of areas where savings can be found and the money saved can be channeled into a more rational system.

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