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Whistle Blower Threatened with Death in Illinois

September 11, 2009

I wrote the following comment today, September 11, 2009, in response to an article in the Chicago Sun Times written by Rich Miller entitled “Statehouse Run Like a Mob”-,CST-EDT-miller11.article 
Unfortunately, Rich Miller doesn’t understand how true I find his statement. The following is my comment:
dr linda shelton wrote:
I am going to say what NO ONE will say.
Michael Madigan IS MOB. The following is how they threaten whistle blowers.

Lisa Madigan and her predecessor over the last ten years have illegally indicted legitimate providers of mental health services for Medicaid Vendor Fraud in retaliation for our whistle blower activities against corrupt officials. 80 % of mental health services are provided by non-physicians. The federal Medicaid code instructs physicians to bill for services of employees “as if the services were performed by the physician.” Yet Lisa Madigan claims that it is felony fraud for physicians to bill Medicaid for mental health services provided by their licensed non-employee physicians. She says I can legally bill for my nurse giving a flu shot, but I should go to jail for up to 15 years for billing Medicaid when my employed psychologist performs psychological tests on a patient or an employed drug-addiction counselor counsels an addict. [This essentially denies access to mental health services to persons on Medicaid – really smart Lisa! You don’t want drug addicts, schizophrenics, sex offenders, delinquents and those with violent explosive disorder to obtain mental health treatment unless they are rich. Great way to fight crime in Illinois!]

I was found not-guilty in February. Maisha Hamilton Bennett is languishing in custody and Naomi Jennings on probation with huge fines is suffering at home as a convicted felon. Vernon Glass awaits trial. What connects us – We All Testified Against the State – either corruption at DCFS or elsewhere. I received an “offer” – pay someone connected with the mafia “$10,000 to have a meeting with Michael Madigan” and “it will all go away”. I refused. Vernon Glass and Maisha Hamilton Bennett were also given “offers”. They refused.

The FBI has been informed and have done NOTHING.

I received a phone call that if I keep doing what I am doing – [fighting corruption, talking with the FBI, and speaking out that this is what I am doing] I will “be in the Cal Sag Canal” or that “look under your car before you start it.”

The FBI has refused to provide me witness protection. So I fight on. I have started several blog sites you can find by going on the links at my blog site “” and “” and began putting on the Internet the evidence I and other whistle blowers have given the FBI against our corrupt politicians and a number of corrupt police in Illinois. If I am killed – YOU KNOW WHY!

9/11/2009 7:26 AM CDT on
For further information about corruption in IL and FBI refusal to act see:
I am now suing Lisa Madigan and other corrupt officials for my false arrest and malicious prosecution before Judge Lefkow in federal court. See case No. 06 C 4259, an amended version of this civil rights suit will be filed with the court and posted at my blogs by October 13, 2009.

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