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9 yr old Ishaan Singh pulls toddler from pool – saves life

August 3, 2011

There is so much negative news in this world that I have decided starting today to try to pick an uplifting story, a piece of good news from the Internet, and send it to my readers as frequently as possible. These short snippets give me great joy when I think  of a person who is saved, or loved, or who recovers, or who survives some disaster or injustice with dignity.


Yesterday, August 2, 2011, in San Jose CA the news reports that Ishaan Singh, a 9 year-old lad, dove into their apartment complex pool and pulled out a toddler from the bottom of the pool and then helped to revive the child who is now doing well. Apparently the toddler was swimming with his/her grandfather who went unconscious. A woman pulled him f rom the pool and he is alive but in serious condition in a hospital (presumably from some medical condition).

Thank God for Ishaan – son you saved a life!  God put you in that place at that time so you could help this child. We are so proud of you – and I mean thousands of people around the world.

Be thankful for the life of Ishaan Singh! Pray for the grandfather of this toddler. Thank you God for guiding Ishaan and for his birth!

Commentary on death of hero Judge John Roll

January 23, 2011

Video tape of the assassination attempt of Representative Giffords in Arizona two weeks ago now reveals that Arizona Chief Judge John McCarthy Rolls sacrificed his life, in a purposeful, selfless and incredibly brave act, by using the last measure of his life to save another. This was no different than when a soldier throws himself on a grenade to save his comrades.

Read about it here.

Further commentary about this horrible incident, fears that vitriolic speech will provoke other incidents, and fears that corrupt officials will use this incident as a reason to retaliate against whistle blowers here.

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