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Dr. Shelton may take a break from writing due to illness

February 1, 2010

As of 1/23/10 please note that Dr. Shelton has become seriously ill, is in intense pain, cannot drive a car at this time, and may need very intensive and serious neurosurgery on her cervical spine in the next few weeks to months, due to her congenital defects and the damage they are producing on the spinal nerves.

She may not write on this blog and may need to take a break of from a week to a few months, as she did last week for a few days when she was hospitalized after collapsing unconscious at home on 1/25/10, and as she did in July 2000 when she was totally incapacitated for nearly six months following extensive neurosurgery of the spine.

Although she is home now, the situation is fluid and may change over the next few weeks as she and her physicians make serious decisions.

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