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What’s Wrong with Government in America? The Basics!

December 2, 2008

Tickle down and charity doesn’t work to meet the needs of the people who can’t care for themselves. If it did then why do we have increasing problems with elderly, ill, disabled, abandoned children?

We have a huge problem with government corruption and waste of resources and money. In Illinois and C[r]ook County most contracts require a 10% kick-back (bribe)that goes into the political coffers of corrupt politicians. We have more politicians per capita than any other state.

We need small efficient and honest government. That would save probably 20% or more of the budget!

When we elect people who pledge to get rid of redundant government like many townships in Illinois, who stop the unmonitored hemorrhage of funds through schemes like purchasing cards, who tear down patronage hiring of incompetents and rip off artists, who consolidate redundant government agencies,and when we bring true compassion and sacrifice into our government offices, then we will have an advanced, small, efficient, honest, and truly compassionate government run by professionals and their elected leaders that meets the needs of its people without exploiting them as slaves.

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