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Impression of Republican Convention Key Note and Mrs. Romney speeches

August 28, 2012

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie gave a speech that barely mentioned Mitt Romney the nominee until the end of the speech. It was short on details and long on wind, mostly trying to promote Chris Christie, who though he has great abilities as a speaker, flopped on this one.  He may have got applause from the convention, but not from me.  I think he ended his possible career as a national candidate tonight. He barely smiled and came across as a very angry man. Angry comments about what’s wrong with what Obama has been doing go only so far.  Where was the hope, the confidence in a detailed plan by Romney, examples of Romney’s past successes, promotion of why his candidate is so fantastic? Why did he beat on hard working government employees so much?  Are they really the devil?  Don’t they provide a lot of the services that we all benefit from?

Mrs. Romney was elegant, sweet, clearly in love with her husband and gave an excellent speech describing the man she knows and showed great confidence in her man and inspiration that she absorbs from him.  She’s clearly a lovely lady who is a GREAT mom and wife and would be an excellent first lady.

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