Attack on Dr Shelton, Wrongful Conviction, Torture in Prison – Part 5

The following is a brief summary of what happened:

I was not raped, but I as a physically disabled woman in a wheelchair, was viciously attacked by Sgt. Anthony Salemi at the Cook County Jail when wrongfully incarcerated for exercising my civil rights. Sgt. Salemi falsified his records and said I rammed him with my wheelchair causing an abrasion and kicked him in the chest causing soreness. He had come into my cell stating “I’m going to make a case so you don’t get out”, then grabbed my neck which made the wheelchair lurch backwards causing him to stumble and skin his shins, then he simultaneously flipped me out of the wheelchair, while pulling the wheelchair out from under me.  When he grabbed my neck, choking me, I was unsuccessful at trying to pull his treetrunk like arm off of me and scrunched up and wedged my good left leg against his chest, trying to pry him off of me.

Read my appeal and you’ll see the evidence of his guilt and perjury at:

Sheriff Dart has refused to review and investigate this case. Former States Attorney Richard Divine (involved in notorious Burge case with tortured confessions), and present States Attorney Anita Alvarez who has spent decades helping Divine cover up corruption and not prosecute one corrupt officials, have been fully informed of all the evidence and therefore have suborned perjury by Sgt. Salemi, violated their oaths of office and IL Supreme Court code of conduct for attorneys, and should be prosecuted for extreme prosecutorial corruption like Mr. Nifong. Could this be because four weeks before I was attacked I won a suit for injunction against the Cook County Sheriff for violation of FOIA?? Could this be because I have given the FBI affidavits from 40 inmates who were beaten (including a woman 8 mos pregnant and handcuffed, a woman raped by guards, a drug addict in withdrawal left to seize on the floor for 4 hrs without medical treatment etc.)? Isn’t this felony retaliation against a federal witness? The FBI have done nothing about this! Isn’t this dereliction of duty by the FBI?

Please write the U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald at 219 S Dearborn, 5th Floor, Chicago Illinois 60604 and S/A Robert Grant, Director Chicago Office of FBI, 2111 S Roosevelt Road, Chicago, IL 60608 and ask them why they are not investigating and prosecuting these criminal acts against me.

I was tried by a corrupt judge Joseph Kazmierski and with extreme Nifong-like prosecution by Asst. State’s Attorney Andrew Dalkin and John Maher, which totally biased the jury and prevented me from presenting evidence that totally impeached the state’s witnesses, wrongfully found guilty. In violation of law that required probation, I was sentenced to 2 yrs in the IDOC. In prison I was medically neglected and tortured – punished for “refusing to walk” in solitary for months with the light on 24 hrs a day. I was put on suicide watch in a bare cell with a thin mattress on the floor and no clothes except a suicide smock. I was denied toilet paper, toothpast, toothbrush, everything. I went on a hunger strike in protest.

They punished me more for refusing to stand up and walk to the door to be handcuffed at the chuckhole, despite the fact I am handicapped and don’t walk well without an assistive device and at the time was so starved, emaciated, and dehydrated I couldn’t even get up to the water fountain in the sink for a drink of water or to the toilet. I was so dehydrated I could not get to the sink for days. They didn’t even bring me water so I stopped drinking. I suffered from diarrhea for five days and was unable to get up to the toilet so went over myself. I was refused any towel or washcloth or bin of water to clean up and found it very difficult to get to the sink.

 I lost a lot of weight from 175 lb to 120 lb in six months. I was taken straight to an ER when released and was fluid resuscitated and given electrolyes as they were out of wack. I could barely sit up well for a week and required months before I regained strength and a year to regain my weight. Yet the jail medical doctor, Dr. Shicker, from Wexford Medical group (a scumbag contract group that provides medical care to prisons around the country) wrote I was well. There is more, but I am shaking with bad memories and can’t write. This has to stop. I want to testify in Congress.

3 Responses to “Attack on Dr Shelton, Wrongful Conviction, Torture in Prison – Part 5”

  1. Tammy Says:

    Dr. Shelton,

    I must commend you for speaking openly about what happened to you. I would love to offer assistance with getting the word out regarding this!

    I, too, have been the victim of retalliation and understand the shock you might feel. If I had not experienced what I have, I would have difficulty believing that officials and government employees will lie, steal, and cheat to cover up their actions!

    You are not alone,


  2. Linda Shelton Says:


    Please feel free to forward anything from my blogs to anyone including the press. Thanks for caring about not just me, but the Bill of Rights. If this could happen to me, it could happen to ANYONE! You know this personally.

    United We Stand, Divided We Fall


  3. frank Says:

    They are corrupt like ****, the corrupt cops think they’re god; they’re just city workers like the garbage man.

    At least the garbage man has common sense and. The corrupt cops have brains for ****, no sense for nothing. I’ve never ever seen anybody more screwed up than that brainless ****.


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