Support ANONYMOUS – Stop Government Corruption!

I support ANONYMOUS in their actions against government corruption announced today. Read my announcement of my support with links to their video specifying how the Internet War against government corruption has begun.

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One Response to “Support ANONYMOUS – Stop Government Corruption!”

  1. Eileen Says:

    I am in absolute despair. A woman named Ralla Klepak in the Chicago Court system help orchestrate a judicial kidknapping of my little boy. I have been raising him in Michigan and have been doing a wonderful job. I took my son to meet his father for thanksgiving and never got him back Ralla has launched an all out attack on me and doesn’t even know me. She has only listened to the lies and spew my ex has told her. She never investigated the truth (doctors, teachers, friends, etc) She since then used the system to keep my son in Chicago indefinitley on an open ended motion stating he is to not only be evaluated but have continuous counseling in Chicago!! My little boy lives in Michigan and literally has been ripped out of his home and school. Ralla had him enrolled in a public school out there! I have not seen my little boy as she has demanded I only get three day weekends. The judge was a temporary judge but the Judge prior to the temporary judge(Judge Bender) did exactly what this Judge Mathein did. I never got heard. My side was never presented and if it were to be I would win hands down. I am in the best interest of the little boy I have been raising on my own. My baby is crying every day and on the phone begging me to get him out of there. I spent 70,000 dollars and have nothing now. I cant afford to keep throwing money away in court and Ralla is dominating the playing field. She now has billed me 5,000 dollars and is trying to put me in jail because I cannot pay her ungodly fees! She is trying to make me dissappear out of my sons life! I am calling everyone in Michigan and many people out here are on my side. I have two judges that don’t understand why he has been taken from me. They personally know my little boy. He was well taken care of and a happy boy. Ralla has stripped me of my relationship with him. Please help me! Her plan is to lock me up then give the father custody. He is a bad man with alot of money


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