Suggested plan to stop gun violence in America




  1. America has 5% of the world population but its citizens own 50% of the privately owned guns the world. Tax ammunition outrageously like we tax cigarettes. Considering outlawing owning more than a few weapons needed by one person to be a member of a militia unless they have extensive mental health examination and background check.
  2. Half of gun deaths are suicides.  Triple mental healthcare spending and  vastly improve access to mental healthcare.
  3. Vastly increase opportunities for teens and young adults for jobs and after school activities. Idle minds are the devil’s  playground. Re-instate the Civilian Conservation Corps started in the Roosevelt era.
  4. Outlaw high capacity ammunition magazines and give deadline to turn them in – do not grandfather them. An untrained person having      to change clips would slow down mass murders.
  5. Find better high tech way to ID guns so that if their numbers are filed off they can still be traced.
  6. Research and discuss ways of tracking and controlling the sale of ammunition and the sale of more dangerous types of ammunition, with consideration of putting limits on certain types of ammunition or finding ways of tracing the sale and usage of certain types of ammunition that are more deadly or meant for military mass murder situations, rather than hunting.
  7. Tax guns at enormous rate with goal of decreasing ratio of guns to number of Americans to half as many within 5 years. Increase availability of voluntary turn in of weapons without consequences.  Destroy weapons turned in and do not resell them.
  8. Outlaw semi-automatic rifles and handguns. Have a panel of experts including military and NRA representatives determine this issue. No grandfather clause.  Maybe allow some stored in gun clubs to mentally certified people, who have  undergone careful background check as to mental health as well as had an  interview by a trained psychologist. Do not allow storage of these weapons in a home where everyone is not certified.
  9. Massive education effort to teach not to stigmatize  mentally ill and to recognize need for mental healthcare.  Teach that most mentally ill people are  harmless, most gun deaths are NOT caused by the mentally ill, but that serious mass murders may be caused by a few very disturbed people who need  help BEFORE they murder someone.
  10. Research and find ways to identify loners and help them integrate into society, as well as find ways to identify when they are falling into psychotic mental illness and becoming dangerous to society like with the shooters in Oregon & at the Colorado theater.
  11. Massively increase training requirements for law enforcement officers and prison guards to include training about mental illness and psychology (at least one year of classes and rotation through  mental health facilities as part of code gray teams and counseling teams).  Three months of post high school      training is not adequate to be employed as a jail or prison guard.  This will take a 5-10 year transition as our police forces are so incredibly undertrained. Parole officers should be required even more training. Study how many peace officers were involved in murder with their own guns or whose guns were used for suicide or accidental shootings.
  12. Vastly improve our education system in the U.S. to  include domestic violence and pre-marital counseling, financial  responsibility, and child development, as well as mental health issues.  Require students to volunteer to help the elderly, the disabled, or the mentally challenged so they understand that the disabled and mentally  challenged are not automatically dangerous.
  13. Close loopholes so that NO gun may be exchanged or sold without check with a national database.
  14. Have intense discussion/analysis as to what diagnoses or mental certification should cause inclusion in database as the vast majority of the mentally ill are not dangerous. Forcing all that  have been treated or hospitalized for mental illness into a database would be grossly unfair.
  15. Judicial reform to take corruption out of our court system and vastly reform family courts thus lowering the extreme suicide rate among veterans and the population due to false defamation of character and wrongful termination of child custody rights.
  16. Do not put all felons in database as most are not  dangerous concerning guns – analyze this more carefully.
  17. Make national effort to put in place system to help wrongfully convicted felons overturn their convictions so that the database is not overtaxed by excessive numbers of people who are mentally  stable but wrongfully accused of being mentally ill or have been defamed and wrongfully convicted felons, or non-violent felons.
  18. Make higher penalties for storing weapons without trigger locks and other appropriate safety measures.

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2 Responses to “Suggested plan to stop gun violence in America”

  1. ken Says:

    We have laws present in this country written by wise men long ago. They didn’t write the 2nd Amendment for deer hunters…..Seeing what happened in their native Europe, that Freedom can only endure with a safeguard against Tyrants. They didnt make the law, the Founders just Verified that ALL men, under God, have HIS right of self defense. What school did you go to…Heres Homework for you… Google Hitler, Stalin, Castro, Mao Tse Tung, with the words “mass murder/genocide”. PS I dont see the mention of Lexington Green, Waco, Ruby Ridge or Kent State in your “Tags” of American shootings…Why ? Ken


  2. Linda Shelton Says:

    I don’t believe Kent State or Waco were intentional shootings of innocent civilians. They were deemed accidental. As to Hitler and Stalin, Soviets in Iron Block etc., my family and their friends were freedom fighters who went down standing up in WWII and Budapest in 1956. I understand your concerns. However, they died in Budapest because the U.S. PROMISED the Hungarians on the radio through “radio free europe” that if they revolted the U.S. military would back them up and then they didn’t keep their promise and Hungarians were slaughtered. I don’t think citizens can fight alone a truly corrupt government without outside military assistance from other countries (they would fail as in Budapest in 1956) – look at Libya and Irag in the modern day – they didn’t succeed without outside assistance with planes and bombing, as well as the Iron Block countries including Hungary in the 50s and 60s.

    Are you aware that the U.S. has 5 % of the world’s population but owns 50% of the privately held arms? The Arab Spring was successful in several countries without everyone owning a weapon! What is your solution to the 11,000+ suicides by gun per year in the U.S.? What is your solution to gang violence in the cities? A lot of disabled people like me can’t handle a gun, as is the case with many elderly – what is your solution? Fine to have concealed carry if you are healthy and mentally checked every year, but much better to decrease the number of guns in the cities available to criminals through straw purchases, theft etc., as well as make it hard for the mentally ill like the Aurora theatre killer or the Connecticutt killer to obtain access to weapons especially with large magazine. I think blaming gun violece on the mentally ill amd the small number of deaths due to mass murderers who are mentally ill compared to the gun violence by gangs in the city among our youth is a false solution.

    I don’t think the founding fathers would have undertood that the military advanced so that they have stealth bombers, nuclear missiles, tanks, air craft carriers, Gatlin guns, etc. etc. A well prepared militia has rifles. Hunters use rifles and pistols and rarely fire off more than 10 shots. They are no match for a country’s military. Even during the revolutionary war, our founding father’s didn’t win without the help of the French! I don’t believe the 2nd Amendment was meant to allow citizens to own and use at will: stealth bombers, nuclear missiles, tanks, air craft carriers, Gatlin guns, etc. etc. Rifles and pistols yes – to start a revolt against the “big guns” until other countries join the fray and assist the revolutionaries.

    I hope you will contribute your suggestions as to how to reduce gun violence by gangs as well as by disturbed individuals.


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