Donate to Century 16 massacre victims fund – healing takes time & money

The tragedy in Colorado at the Century 16 theatre has left many victims. It will take time and money for them to heal. Many will be left with permanent scars and disabilities.  Their families will need financial help. If you are willing and able to donate you may do so here.

Fortunately there have been many heros and some miracles. The story about Petra Anderson surviving with what is expected to be NO brain damage after being shot through the brain is a true miracle.. The shot gun pellet went through her nose and was channeled through to the back of her brain by a birth defect that caused her no harm – a tube like structure that guided the bullet to the back of her skull from her nose without doing damage.

God works in unbelievable ways. We are all thankful tht this beautiful young woman will recover so well. However, her family has already been devastated by her mother’s breast cancer.  They are in desperate financial straights due to the bills for the cancer treatment and the bills to take care of Petra Anderson are now more than they can take.

Please donate what you can for this family and the others who have been impacted by this tragedy.

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