5,000 children each year fall out of windows – are your kids protected?

It is a sad statement that 5,000 children each year in the U.S. are injured or killed falling out of windows. Toddlers can climb and lean against screens that give way or climb out of open windows. A window guard costs about $20 and has a quick release to led people get out in case of fire.

Until there is mandatory legislation concerning apartments this number will continue.  Children often even fall out of 1st and second story windows.

What a parent or babysitter needs to do is make sure that there is no furniture where a child can climb onto and out of a window,  or use a window guard, as well as check the screens as most are very flimsy and are easily knocked out. Remedy any unsafe situation.

We need legislation or private foundations to help set up a system to provide low-cost or free window guards to indigent persons.

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