Join People United to Stop Court Abuse of Children, Disabled, and Elderly August 12, 2011

For Immediate Release

Contact:          Gwendolyn Chubb 773-377-5468

Linda Shelton –, or David Bambic –

People Unite In Protest Across the USA to Stop

Judicial Abuse of American Families

Chicago – United Standing Up for Justice to Stop Judicial Abuse is what dozens of Illinois families will gather for this week across this nation and right in front of the Circuit Court of Cook County Family Division. Thousands of children, disabled and elderly Americans have been removed from their  loved ones without factual evidence by the courts. Protective parents and children ho seek the assistance of the courts when a loved one is being abused become the victims of a billion dollar corruption ring that exists today in the court systems and is protected by those who are to serve and protect the community.
Billions of dollars are used from the Title IV D program to literally destroy families.

Wonda Guider, a mother who filed for an Order of Protection to keep her six year old daughter safe from abuse stated, “I went to the courts to help protect my child. A Guardian Ad Litem was placed by Judge Panter and the unimaginable happened, my daughter was ripped from our home. The courts GAVE HER TO THE ABUSER. I fight for Justice today and protest against the GAL’s Office for all the harm they have done to my child and we stand for all children across this nation being victimized by the court system.”

Gwendolyn Chubb, a mother who has not seen her children for over 3 years because of a FRAUDULENT ORDER signed by Judge Edward Arce who later recused himself for having prior contact with her ex-husband’s boss Commissioner Roberto Maldonado stated, “I protest today because of the excruciating and agonizing pain I must live with each day I am without my children. My children were ripped from me without cause or reason…I stand today in prayer for my children and pray that this never happens to anyone anywhere ever again.”

Many of the cases of abuse have gone to the FBI and the Department of Justice without results. Many advocates for these families believe that the very courts that were established to interpret the constitution and assure the rule of law are allowed to run the courts like a cartel that abuse the system that we the American people pay for through our tax revenue.

Dave Bambic, a father whose children have been removed from him withyout cause as te DCFS allegations of neglect or abuse were declared UNFOUNDED  said, “Judge Haracz and Child Rep David Wessel conspire to alienate me from being the primary caregiver of my children. They have told me that I will be made an example of in Judge Haracz’ court room. I stand for Justice today because XXX and XXX love their father and I pray for all children who suffer like my girls in this nation because of corruption.”

Sandra  Padron during a divorce when her son complained of being beaten in the stomach by the father until he was sick and as a pediatrician she found suggestive signs of child abuse on her baby, had her children removed from her and placed with the abuser when  she called DCFS and asked for an investigation because the investigation, which was incomplete, was declared unfounded. She has been denied unsupervised  visits for more than one hour per week with her children because the judge said this was a sign of mental illness. Sandra says, her toddler is reported to be running around the house crying “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy.” Regina Scannicchio, the court appointed child representative has made no effort to thorougly investigate this case or bring these facts to the attention of the judge. She refuses even to look at the diary pages from the older children documenting the abuse.

Child Representatives & Guardian Ad Litems are court appointed and CHARGE FEES ANYWHERE FROM $400 – $1200 PER OUR. Legal fees for these attorneys are paid from funds through the Social Security Title IV D Fund. Also it is known practice that family court Judges run private referral services with therapists that they personally know and many families are bankrupted by these fees.

Therapists are to serve the best interest and welfare of the children but in many cases the children are emotionally raped and alienated from one of their
parents to benefit the corruptive practices of the “courtroom cartel”.

Salvador Contreras, who back in 2009 reported the neglect, abuse & suicidal thoughts of his daughter in the home of her mother & stepfather stated,”I went to the court system to help save my daughter but instead of helping my child Judge Katz places an ORDER OF PROTECTION AGAINST ME WITH HEARSAY FROM MY CHILD’S ABUSER. Then my worst nightmare happens my child is taken from me for 1 ½ years and we can only see her once a week presently. Her court appointed therapist Dr Beth Wilner never allows her to talk about her suicidal thoughts and we can never discuss the true problems but Dr Wilner does discuss her fees and monthly bills”

Many of these court appointed therapist are part of the corruption and abuse of innocent children and the financial ruin of their families who pay high fees for “therapy” sessions. Families who are placed in this corruptive scenario FILE BANKRUPTCY BECAUSE OF COURT ORDERED THERAPY AND LEGAL FEES. Families lose their homes and college funds.

Gloria Sykes, WHOSE  91 YEAR OLD MOTHER WAS NEVER DECLARED INCOMPETENT BUT WAS IMPRISONED IN A NURSING HOME, STRIPPED OF HER ASSETS AND PLACED UNDER GUARDIANSHIP was ripped from her care said,”I compare this court abuse of the elderly to Hitler’s concentration camps. The pain, fear and the unknown wrongful suffering is unimaginable. I rally today for justice and to stop the court and its officers from abusing our families.”

Julie Contreras, an advocate for many families and whose stepchild is being victimized by the “Court Cartel” stated, “Judges in the family courts today are the ones who determine the fate of many children. All these individuals who partake in the family court system are human and very capable of being wrong, careless, corrupt or just plain lazy. MISTAKES ARE MADE BY JUDGES AND INNOCENT CHILDREN BECOME VICTIMIZED by the very system that was created to protect

Victims and advocates will stand united to stop the abusive practices of removing a child or elderly person from the custody of the protective parent or family in the court system. At the beginning of each hour of the protest a prayer will be offered to stop the abuse of children, disabled and elderly across this nation.

Organizers of the event invite the public to join and support the families and stop the abuse.

When:            August 12, 2011

Time:            9am – 5pm

Where:           Noth Daley Center Plaza
50 W. Washington
Chicago, IL  –

and in every major city in the United States – see:  for the location of the protest site in your city

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7 Responses to “Join People United to Stop Court Abuse of Children, Disabled, and Elderly August 12, 2011”

  1. Doll Says:

    Judge Sharon Oden Johnson is an example of a corrupt and crooked judge. She was deemed incompetent in Illinois laws however was voted in by default due to the fact that she ran unopposed. The CBA deemed her unqualified with limited legal knowledge to handle complex cases. This is all so true as I have become an unfortunate litigant to have her as a Judge on my case. I have been a victim of legal harrassment from my ex for 4 years. He has used the court system every which way he could to cause me and my son harm. I have had 5 other highly experienced and qualified judges who recognized his legal shannigans and they limited his strikes as much as the law would allow without violating his rights. However, Judge Sharon Oden Johnson has proven to support this criminal (my ex) who currently has a case against him with the Cook County Inspector’s Generals Office for facilitating corruption within the Cook County Court system. Upon being appointed to my case, Judge Johnson eliminated 4 years of evidence/history, 5 experienced judge rulings, CPS involvement and the court appointed mediators recommendation to restrict visitation due my ex’s malicious behavior and conduct. Judge Sharon O. Johnson dismissed court ordered visitation and did not hold my ex accountable for non-compliant on the basis of “it’s a brand new day”. Judge Johnson is incompetent, and clearly impropriety exists. I have filed a complaint to the board and have sent copies to Presiding Judge Dickler as well as Chief Judge Evans. I am inclined to send copies to all of the parties referenced in the request for an investigation to make sure there is transparency. Judge Johnson has violated every Illinois Statute regarding the best interest of a child nor does she display any concern regarding the welfar of a child. She should be removed from the bench because she lacks intergrity and has no ethical standards to uphold her judicial responsibilities. I have never run across an incompetent judge like this in my life.


  2. Linda Shelton Says:

    Your experience is STANDARD in the Cook Co Courts. If you want, send me a detailed time line of what happened in your case and I will write it up and post it on line. Copies of documents would be helpful. I Blackk-Out children’s names, last names and court case numbers when I post them on line to maintain the privacy of the children.


  3. Jessica Cummings Says:

    My Son was taken from me because my at the time boyfriend threw him causing a severe traumatic brain injury. He pled to the crime and DHS still took him from me the day he was dis charged from the hospital . These judges are just as bad of a crook as DHS themself. And fighting them is like fighting a brick wall !!!


  4. Linda Shelton Says:

    I am so sorry that you suffered this double loss – first of a healthy son and now of his very presence. That is why we all must work together to change the corrupt court and protective services systems. Are you in Illinois?


  5. lori brake Says:

    Help!stephens county oklahoma!


  6. Bey Says:

    I also have Judge Sharon Oden Johnson and it seems as if she is biased against women. I understand that fathers have rights and I wholeheartedly despise women that stands in the way of a father seeing their child. However, Sharon Johnson considers only the father and not the child when it comes to visitation and child support. My daughters father has moved from four residences in Chicago, two in Wisconsin, and is in the process of moving to Atlanta over the course of two years. When I expressed concern regarding his unstable living situation and my daughter being constantly displaced during visitation. She completely dismissed this and informed that if I do not agree with the fathers visitation suggestion then a court appointed representative will be assigned. On top of it I am responsible for paying 75% of the cost of for this representative. By the way the father wants to take her to Atlanta for the entire summer, Xmas, Spring and Fall Break. On top of it all she refuses to hold the father in contempt of court for his constant refusal to pay child support. Instead she encourages him to file for reductions/ modification of child support order seemingly every other month. BTW he works under the table and is currently ordered to pay $100 monthly. I want to file a grievance against her and get her off my case. She is incompetent, biased, and does not effectively represent children. Does anyone know the process to have her removed from my case and from the bench if she continues in this manner?


  7. shmeaka c Says:

    judge sharon o. johnson have no conern for the children nor the mother that take care of them.and she do not even listen to you when you are talking stating your case. she made a decision without even opening my file to see the history of the case


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