Will the real Donald Trump stand up?

The most accurate description of Donald Trump that I have seen – from comments on a blog:

Leave it to Trump to promote his usual National Enquirer-esque, base, low-brow brand of political discourse.

… 3 parts hyperbolic sensationalism, … 3 parts reality-devoid, fact-deficient rumor-mongering, … 4 parts grandiose self-promotion.

It really makes Americans look like idiots when he has high numbers in the polls!

Trump really should be ringmaster at Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey’s Circus!

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One Response to “Will the real Donald Trump stand up?”

  1. Rick Beckham Says:

    After the Bushy years, I would have voted for Mickey Mouse. I had strong misgivings about Obama that turned out to be true: the big bank president, not the president of change. A lawyer for God’s sake!!! I don’t want another president that can be bought and sold to the highest bidder. Obama is a “Bush” in blackman’s skin. We need a leader, not a politician. I personally like Jesse Ventura.


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