A little bit of heaven – spellbinding music by Robert Tiso

All I can say is close your eyes, relax, listen, enjoy – you will be in heaven for the time. It is transfixing and overwhelming – an experience in listening I will treasure.

wine glass music – glass harp (Swan Lake-P. Tchaikovsky)

Glass music-Dance of the sugar plum fairy-Tchaikovsky

Canon in D on glass harp

Für Elise on glass harp

glass harp music (symphony n°5-Beethoven)

Ave Maria on glass harp

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One Response to “A little bit of heaven – spellbinding music by Robert Tiso”

  1. ELois Poole-Clayton Says:

    Hello, Dr. Shelton.
    Today, is Saturday, 04-23-2011.
    My prayers are with you EVERY day.
    I’m ALSO suing Lisa Madigan.
    I MUST meet with you, for I want to share with you, the circumstances surrounding my situations with the Chicago courts.
    If you need my help(with assistance), don’t hesitate to ask, for I feel closer to you, than you can imagine.
    I feel we can be great friends.
    Thank you, for accepting I as your friend, on your FACEBOOK page.
    I’m looking forward to meeting you, on 04-28-2011(Thursday), at 6301 S. Halsted(Kennedy King), from 2-4p.m.
    It’s a PUBLIC FORUM, to discuss/comfront the CORRUPTION in Chicago/Illinois Courts.
    Lisa Madigan & Anita Alvarez, has been asked to be present.
    I hope, MANY will attend.
    PS: I’m AWARE, that people like Madigan, will try and use ANY method possible, to justify her corrupt behaviors , so I’m prepared to SPEAK OUT and FORCE the issues at hand.
    I’m TRULY looking forward to seeing you there.
    Stay STRONG and KEEP the FAITH.


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