Protest for Liberty, Justice and Against Government Corruption before We Lose It Completely

Do you want corporations and their corrupt government puppets or people to control the United States and make its laws? 

If you want to preserve and defend YOUR democracy go to:

What light is to the eyes,
what air is to the lungs,
what loves is to the heart,
liberty is to the soul of man.

          Robert G. Ingersoll

Our founding fathers fought for liberty in the Revolutionary War – at the Boston tea party and Concord and in the swamps around Charleston;

Our grandparents fought for liberty in WWI – in the trenches, on the sea, and on the Russian front;

Our parents fought for liberty in WWII and out of fear of communism in the Cold War –  on the beaches and hills of Guadalcanal, in the streets and on the bridges of Budapest, on the seas, and via the air over Berlin;

Our brothers, husbands, and friends fought out of fear of communism – during the Tet offensive, and in Saigon;

Our children and friends’ children are fighting to protect us from terrorism and for humanitarian reasons – in Iraq and in Afghanistan;

Our grandparents, parents, brothers and sisters, as well as countrymen protested and marched for liberty in the United States during the Civil Rights Movement – at Selma, Birmingham, and in Washington DC;

Our brothers and sisters stand up for liberty, opportunity, equality, and fairness daily regarding Health Care, Home Ownership, in the Courts, and at Work – in every town, in every prison, at every job, in every health facility, in every court, and at every rural crossroads.

In every struggle and battle and in every war, there are casualties. We accept them and do not run from the fight. That’s what it means to love others more than self, to treasure not just life, but also liberty, opportunity, equality, and justice.

The least I can do is stand up forcefully for liberty and its cousin justice at home, in memory and in honor of all those that came before, as well as for all those who come in the future!

We won’t retake it if we don’t fight. That’s what it means to love thy neighbor and one’s fellow men.

I’s rather go down standing up then grovel on my knees as a slave to the corrupt police, prosecutors, judges and politicians in America.

I will continue to expose the corrupt, enlighten the public through the Internet (our great equalizer), and challenge the corrupt.

Won’t you join me – for your children and grandchildren? Send me a comment and I’ll tell you how you can help.

Linda Lorincz Shelton, PhD, MD


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2 Responses to “Protest for Liberty, Justice and Against Government Corruption before We Lose It Completely”

  1. Rick Beckham Says:

    Dear Dr. Shelton, You commented that you liked one of my briefs I sent you, but that is as far as it got. I know you are a very busy person. Like you, I was victimized by our corrupt judicial system. In 1994, I was prosecuted for the sole purpose of attempted extortion by Prosecutor Gregory Grigsby and Judge Coady. I was denied every possible constitutional right afforded including the right to a direct appeal. I will protest from dawn to dusk if given a forum. Rick Beckham PS: I did get my case back in the trial court by knowing my enemies weakness…greed.


  2. Nick Says:

    Keep exposing these corrupt cops, lawyers, judges, media everybody in the whole city and state in Chicago illinois are corrupt, lowlifes, racist garbage Im finding out. They all go along with the corrupt cops no matter what its is, even if it makes no sense for crap. Even if they know corrupt cops have huge amount of police misconduct they still go along with that trash. The whole world will know about this trash city Chicago the worst **** I have ever seen.


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