Urgent call for medical teams/nurses – Haiti needs you

Haitians need help now. This message is important to them. Due to the unimaginable numbers of severely injuried people being pulled out from under the rubble and the huge number that have been laying around severely injured for days, now that mobile medical hospitals are being set up to stabilize the injured there is now a critical shortage of the following and an urgent request has been made for those with the following skills needed as described as follow – links included later in article:

The magnitude of the earthquake disaster is requiring a request for ER/surgical/trauma teams to volunteer. Requests are coming in for nurses also. Those who speak French or Haitian Creole particularly needed. Children who are injured are being evacuated to hospitals in Florida and more hospital pediatric beds may be needed to evacuate the injured as they are stabilized.

There are now more than 38 search and rescue teams from many countries working feverishly to dig out those buried under rubble. The good news is that many lives are being saved. Those being pulled out are often severely injured and the medical teams do not have enough hands to cope with the situation.

As my physician colleagues know, neurosurgeons, trauma surgeons, orthopedic surgeons, ER docs, along with their surgical teams (anesthesiologist and surgical nurses) will be needed most. Because of crush injuries nephrologists to manage kidney complications will be needed also.

I urge all pediatric hospitals to step up to the bar and notify the State Department if they are able to accept the injured. Hospital beds may also be needed for adults. Many orphans will need housing. Arrangements are beginning to be made for the U.S. government to grant special visas to injured and children.

With the devastation it is my opinion that scores of children will need to be evacuated from Haiti for months as there will not be suitable living facilities for children for many months. It is my opinion that it will be easier to house and feed the many children in the disaster area if they are evacuated as soon as possible for at least six months. I hope and pray those in power recognize that this will be necessary quickly. I would also move out the elderly and pregnant women.

It is my belief that anybody who is not able bodied and able to help in the cleanup and early reconstruction should be moved out. The logistics are just too difficult to bring in enough food and water and shelter for a prolonged period of time, so if they can temporarily re-locate children, elderly, injured and pregnant women, the task for the government of Haiti will be less complicated.


Partners in Health of Boston, Massachusetts, a nonprofit organization “focusing on delivery of quality health care in poor communities,” with ties to Harvard Medical School and the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, issued this statement:

“We are deeply grateful for the multitude of people who have contacted us wanting to provide medical assistance. As patients flood to our sites from Port-au-Prince, we’re finding ourselves in need of both medical personnel and supplies. In particular, we need surgeons (especially trauma/orthopedic surgeons), ER doctors and nurses, and full surgical teams (including anesthesiologists, scrub and post-op nurses, and nurse anesthetists). ”

If you are a health professional interested in volunteering, please send an email to volunteer@pih.org with information on your credentials, language capabilities (Haitian Creole or French desired), availability, and contact information.




The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, Georgia, has an advisory for healthcare relief workers and volunteers. The CDC cautions, “Because of their potential exposures, relief workers are at increased risk for illness and injuries. In addition, they should be aware of potential hazards, such as downed power lines and security measures that may be imposed (e.g., curfews to prevent looting).

Those who provide assistance should also pay attention to their mental health needs before, during, and after their time in the field. Moreover, because relief workers’ services are desperately needed, it is essential that workers remain healthy during their trip. In addition to this notice, relief workers should refer to the general regional travel recommendations for their specific travel destination.”

Be reassured that a naval task force with aircraft carrier, amphibious vehicles, marines, engineers, helicopters is now on site. They are trying to clear main roads to bring supplies to the people. They are working rapidly to make the ports usable to bring in more supplies as the airport has limited capacity. Helicopters are now moving supplies out of the airport to the people. Large water purification equipment has now been brought in and is being set up. Heavy equipment is moving in and supplies today of food, water, shelter, and medicine has begun to reach the people in significant quantities.

More medical mobile hospitals are making their way over land into the country after landing in the Dominican Republic.

This disaster has made an inadequate medical system, as well as public health and sanitation system, essentially nonexistent.

5 Responses to “Urgent call for medical teams/nurses – Haiti needs you”

  1. Terry Specktor Says:

    Rachel, I am a registered surgical nurse (26) years and very interested in coming to Haiti to assist in anyway… I do not speak any foreign languages. I am putting out my feelers to see if there is anyone from my Tucson area that might be making plans to come to Haiti. Any guidance or advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Terry


  2. Terlisa L. Alvis Says:

    I would love to go and help as much as I cab as well as findind my daughter down there that I had adopted. Please let me help all of them


  3. Terlisa L. Alvis Says:

    please let me help you may reach me at 502-384-1015


  4. Mark Chase Says:

    Again we have the opportunity to give back. This time it is in Haiti. I am looking to assist a medical group or groups who are planning to set up mobile clinics in Haiti. We would like to again donate our cabinet services to them as we did with Mercy Ships in the Caribbean and in outfitting the Operation Blessings medical clinics in New Orleans after Katrina. I have been trying to find such groups on-line but without luck. If you know of a group who will be putting together a clinic or clinics for Haiti please forward their information to me or let them know we are interested in helping to outfit them.

    Best Regards,
    Mark Chase
    Chase Cabinet Makers Inc.


  5. Dan Chase Says:

    Howdy Mark……. I have assumed the is the Mark Chase I know as Cuz. Great Work.



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