Help Iranian People – Unite – Crush Corrupt Governments!

A giant leap is taking place in the evolution of the people’s power over corrupt governments. History progresses in leaps, not linearly. With the evolution of communication via the Internet, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc., we the people can now prevail. Please participate at home and abroad!

Iranians are asking for world help!  See the following: 

I denounce the Iranian election as a fraud. The word should be SOLIDARITY. Our color should be GREEN. Put out green ribbons on your homes. Fly green flags. Wear green clothes. Put your thoughts on Twitter, Facebook, and other social network sites and blogs. Protest and broadcast your protests from every corner of the earth. We must stand up to corruption not just at home, but world wide. Give all governments a message that the people will prevail.

Lives are on the line. Free will is on the line. This is an historic moment when like in our American Revolution the will of the people can overcome the dictates of corrupt governments and inaction of governments. Write your government officials and ask them to stand in SOLIDARITY with our Iranian brothers and sisters. Do NOT abandon our brothers and sisters in Iran like we abandoned our brothers and sisters in Hungary in 1956 or during episodes of genocide in Africa, Cambodia, and elsewhere. This history of looking the other way and not getting involved, once the people have spoken, must stop. Talk is cheap.

Then think about YOUR home. Stand in SOLIDARITY with those of us in Illinois that have put our names, our careers, our fortunes, and our futures on the line in fighting corruption in this oppressive state. Stand in SOLIDARITY with Dr. Linda Shelton, Mr Vernon Glass, Dr. Maisha Hamilton [Bennett] (presently languishing in Cook County Jail on a fraudulent conviction), Naomi Jennings and many others, who have been fraudulently indicted by the corrupt AG Lisa Madigan for daring to stand up for the people of the State of Illinois, in fighting denial of mental health care to persons on Medicaid, fighting patronage, fraud, and retaliation against whistle blowers like us. Help us obtain press coverage and legal aid. Don’t shut your ears, your eyes, and your mouth about these evils. Stand up and be counted!


Pray for peaceful revolution. United We Stand, Divided We Fall.

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