Questions America Must Answer to Fix Our Health Care System – Give Me Your Thoughts



“50% or so of health care dollars is spent on advertising. What will you do to stop this waste. Health care providers should be like the police and fire departments, a necessary public service that does not advertise.”


“Would you support a steeply progressive and very high tax on advertising of drugs to discourage this practice? This would quickly reduce the cost of drugs as presently 50 % of drug company budgets are advertising costs. Or would you ban advertising?”


“Whether to do Phase 3 clinical trials of new drugs is decided by drug companies – encourages excessive costs by testing unnecessary “me too”  drugs with no benefit. Would you support FDA taking over this decision analagous to IL hosp plan commission?”


“Our veterans in chronic pain are thrown narcotics in high doses making them nonfunctional addicts instead of treating pain properly with multiple modalities (TENS units, therapy, muscle relaxants, meditation). Will you help them reclaim their lives?”


“Medical care at Cook Co. Jail & IL prison system is so inadequate inmates have had their leg amputated for lack of antibiotics & prisoners who were disabled lay on the floor in diarrhea for days unable to obtain water/care. Will DOJ investigate?”


“In Illinois Atty Gen Lisa Madigan, several Governors, and their corrupt accomplices fraudulently deny mental health care to those on Medicaid and wrongfully prosecute health care providers who are trying to provide this service. Will you investigate?”


“Will you acknowledge childhood obesity caused by fast foods and soda pop and ban soda pop and fast foods from schools & bring affordable food stores to poverty stricken communities? Inner cities have lots of fast food – little affordable food stores.”


“We save premature babies and children in ICUs, then fail to fund continuing care for severely disabled babies/children leading to poverty, divorce, family destruction, neglect of siblings, lost potential, and increased disability. Will you fix this?”


“Daschle has a reputation of being in the pockets of pharmaceutical companies. Is this true and if so will you make sure that pharmaceutical companies do not have undo influence over health care policy and do not rake in excess profits off our misery?”


“Will you help switch funding for care of severely disabled and dying children from institutions to home care? The choice to care for the child at home should be the parents not the state’s.”


“Haldol – antipsychotic is excessively involuntary injected in ERs and jails to quash free speech, curb dissent, and force behavior to change per dictates of others. Will you stop it? The Soviets used this method for dissidents – WE SHOULDN’T!””


“Half of health care dollars are spent for often futile end of life or beginning of life care (ultrapreemies). Much can be saved by putting limits on such and better funding and promoting more humane hospice care. Will you investigate this and fix it?”

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