Why is Illinois So Corrupt?

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Robert Cooley is a former mafia lawyer who worked with corrupt Illinois officials and judges. He turned state’s witness and he explains how the Chicago “Machine” still run by Alderman Ed Burke who “picks” the judges and controls the Chicago City Finance Committee and his wife corrupt Illinois Supreme Court Justice Ann Burke still are up to their ears in the usual Illinois corruption. He talks how this cabal of corruption:

1- controls the media,

2-pays off the former U S Attorney and probably still pays off his middle men, hired during this super corrupt era, who hide stuff from present US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald so the only people prosecuted are fall guys like Blagojevic so as to take the heat off the real top dog crooks like:

A- Jim Thompson (former Gov X 16 years, Director of CIA oversight committee under 1st President Bush and member of 911 Commission under W)

B-Madigans (Speaker of the House Michael and his daughter, the most unqualified Illinois Attorney General in history, Lisa, who lauder all the bribery money kicked back from State, County and City contracts through their political fund “friends of Madigan”),

C-the Burkes, and

D-the Daleys(Richard – Chicago Mayor and partner of John Burge [the torturer to get murder confessions] while he was state’s attorney, John – Cook Co. Commissioner who controlled Co. Board President John Stroger Sr and his Son Todd who replaced him, and William, former Commerce Secr. under Clinton and now wants to be Gov of IL and
therefore needs to discredit Blagojevic and Lisa Madigan).

A summary of the “system” running Illinois in my view is as follows:

Illinois for too long has been under the control of the:

1- Kingdom of former Gov. Jim (Prince John) Thompson and

2-his Lords, Chicago Mayor Richard M. and Cook Co. Commissioner John Daley (sons of former Mayor Richard J.), County Board Pres. John Stroger Jr. (son of former County Board Pres. John Stroger),

3-House Speaker Michael and his daughter Atty Gen. Lisa Madigan

4-Alderman Ed (buddy of Fast Ed[dy] now convict Vrdolyak – both of them were leaders against African American Mayor Washington in the “council wars” 20 years ago) and IL. Supreme Court Justice Ann Burke,

5-former Sheriff (of Nottingham) Sheahan, and

6-Former State’s Attorney Richard (Gisbourne) Divine, as well as

7-other Lords such as former Sen. President Emil Jones and now his son Emil Jones Jr.

Political office is inherited in Illinois, elected by political patronage paid for by bribery (10% of all contracts SHALL be donated (kicked-back) to political funds such as “Friends of Madigan” and “Friends of Blagojevic”), and decided in closed back room “deals” (bribes, tit-for-tat, nothing to do with competency or experience, etc.). Its time we have a truth commission in Illinois to give clemency to low level players so that we can reveal the true extent of the corruption, encourage witnesses to come out of the woodwork and reveal their evidence, as well as start anew with a high level of transparency. We desperately need new blood in Illinois and help from the U.S. Attorney in breaking the cycle of corruption, bribery, kick-backs, patronage, and nepotism.

A UIC professor said: Patronage breeds corruption like garbage breeds flies. SOOO true in Illinois.

Other examples of inherited office in Illinois include US Representative Lipinsky and his son who replaced him in Washington DC, and Illinois Senate President Emil Jones and his son who has replaced him in the Senate.

Kim Long who authored a book about government corruption talks how corruption started in the colonial days and has continued with pockets of intense corruption in Illinois, Louisiana, and New Jersey.

For the early days of the “Chicago Machine” and corruption in Chicago see:


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One Response to “Why is Illinois So Corrupt?”

  1. Jim Lunsford Says:

    Thank you for having the courage to write this blog. Please keep up the faith. I believe that We, the People, CAN take this country back. The internet has truly created a lleaderless army,which cannot be defeated if we stand firm. Thanks again, Jim


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